Nikki | In Need of Some Feminine Energy

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Nikki smiling like one happy lady on skype
Nikki smiling like one happy lady on Skype

The introduction to Nikki was the start to a perfect experience in Madrid. Upon arrival to Spain’s capital city, I was exhausted beyond words. My throat was so sore I could not speak. My voice was forever hoarse and my body needed sleep immediately. I dragged my feet into the room I was assigned to like a zombie.

“Oh thank god! A woman! I really needed some feminine energy in here! It’s been all these boys, one smelly boy after another – I needed a girl like you!”

She needs a girl like me. Ok voiceless zombie, perk up a bit.

I shared a room with Nikki and various smelly boys for seven days, and loved every second of it. She’s an Australian from Brisbane who has the ability to make every social interaction a comfortable and hilarious experience. Women and men alike adore time spent with Nikki because her very essence glows yellow and bright, happy and understanding. I cuddled on her bed as she gave me life advice and didn’t get bothered at my wet showered hair ruining her sheets. She’s an Australian; she can’t be bothered.

We had a few lazy, long meals together laughing over red wine. The best was our lunch at a spot in Madrid that we picked purely because it had a mint ariel colored awning. Look at that color! That’s the place! That’s the one where we have to eat! At this little cafe that served soup and sandwiches, we spent three hours mulling over life and examining each other’s handwriting and checking out my astrological chart.

From Nikki, I learned that female friendships and time with the girls is vital to my soul, and that I too really need some feminine energy.

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